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Random Pollys 🎲

which cat is cuter




What Language should I take in 8th Grade??


What’s the first thing you’re doing after corona


Would You Rather


real talk do I make a YouTube channel


Tonight’s options


Afraid of Covid?


Soda or Pop?


Cut my hair pretty short should I completely bald


Do I look better Shaved or with a Beard? 🤔


blueberries or strawberries


do b*****s love smiley faces? :)


regresamos al look reguetonero??


regresamos al look reguetonero??


smoking w**d or drinking?


Should i take an adderal at 12 or naw it’s to late


what do you think the gender will be?


Choose My Nails


Choose My Nails #2


are feminine hygiene products a necessity?


The Beard


make up


Philly cheese steak or Beef stroganoff?


Boy 💙 or Girl 💕




Who’s in Lubbock?


do u think bryce hall is hot/attractive


if i made an only fans would you sub to it


pick the name