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Random Pollys 🎲

Love or Hate Arsenal




Curl the Mustache?


Real Madrid vs levante


what should I drink tonight


what should I drink tonight


what should I drink tonight


do I need these


what do you think??


should I run 4 NJHS student pres?


who wore it best


Going to Sundays meet??


Thinking about going back to dark hair.. 🤔


which skates should I get??


who’s off to the game today??


start a 2litty page for every state?




Rate Me


Xbox or ps4




ask me or tell me som


ask me something !


would you date me?


should I get a beach wave perm?




should i wear makeup more often


Which Has The Best Chicken Nuggets?


smash or pass


which guitar should I buy?


Which guitar should I buy?


Vilken stil är finast?


Halloween Costume


Which one?


pick a color!!


What meal would you like to enjoy?


what color should i dye my hair?


Which is a better show?


fire or nah?