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Random Pollys 🎲

What did you think of the Penguin Talk?


Should I Cut My Hair?


should I go


do you think Im cute


Edwin asked me to be his Valentine do I say yes ?


should luke do the play


Am I cute?😂


go to Molly’s or not?!


should I keep the stache




(under) B**t tattoo


should I post memes on my story?


should I post memes on my story?






a boogie or young gravy


Hot Fries, Or Hot Cheetos?




Stay home or go out ?


brownies or rice crispy treats?


Which album more raw Badazz Mo3 or Boogie 2.0


Who y’all got?¿ (brother vs brother)


cut or keep


Shot or Double shot


Shot or Double shot in the morning


cut my hair or nah


Is Drake a Legend ?


weight management


Lose weight the KETO way WITHOUT the KETO diet


Lose weight the KETO way WITHOUT the KETO diet


Är ni på för en till filmkväll?


What should I have for dinner


What time should I go to bed


What should I ahev for pudding


am I your friend or not


Should I cut bangs?


Is kiwi cute or not?


Do I give off top or bottom energy?


What is the gender of Tiana’s baby?