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Make a Public or a Private Polly
Write your question | request
Add a picture if you want to
Make up some answers
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Your friends can then vote anonymously
Share the results as a screen shot

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Random Pollys 🎲

Do You think I’m Pretty


do I look depressed?


Should I cut my hair or leave it


let my hair grow out? yes= let it


fortnite or minecraft


come to biloxi and host a meet?


Should I wear this to school?


do you eat your strawberry pop tarts with or wit


Nct127 or SuperM




should I dye my hair brown again?


should Jensen and I make a YouTube for music?


how old do u think I am


William ta permanente krøller eller ikke?


what color should i dye my hair?


be liked by everyone or loved by one


Should I follow the guy that likes me and I like h


and I opp. or skkkkk


Hoco Themes


should I cut my hair?


Which outfit for Ariana’s concert?


boy or girl


how old do I look


What is the meaning to life


what is your room like


Are you vsco


which dog is cuter


Am I funny