Anonymously opine on my Pollys 🤫

What hair colour do you prefer?


What drink should I have?


what makeup should I do??? ❤️👋


is my guinea pig cute???


do you have PopJam?????


what outfit should I wear today??


What r u?


do u like pineapple?


what eyeshadow look??? ❤️❤️❤️


do you like dogs???


what snack should I have?? 😘


do you want me to do u guys control my life?


what should I do to my room?


Which pop star u like better?🌺


what theme should my decor be?


what is your Favourite donut 🍩


is your fave pattern marble???


what shall I do to earn money?


What is ur fave food


what makeup should I wear today?