Anonymously opine on my Pollys 🤫

should I cosplay as Loki for Halloween


are you excited for the new Loki series?!


which movie does Loki look the best in


Loki vs thor


do you think Loki is really dead?


who is your favourite revenger


do you think moe syzlak is underrated?


which Chris?


am I the only one who likes loki


do you think verity will be in the new Loki series


which Tom?


should I set this as my new wallpaper?


are you part of Loki’s army


does Loki deserve to be an avenger


who do you think Sophia di martini will play?


does Loki deserve the throne of Asgard


do you like Loki?


have you read the Loki: where mischief lies book?