Anonymously opine on my Pollys 🤫

Blazer , at school, when?


What do you favor mor


You see this dude at 100 yards, he might attac you


What should I wear?


ABU trousers or khakis


Most versatile suspenders color.






Is “damn” swearing


Choose one. (Pls I need a quick decision now)






Should I change my title back to Tactical Paul?




What should I wear?


What era should I portray for halloween?


Wear This Boonie on Friday?


How do you say year numbers!


On join the pride day at my school, I should wear


Best tank song


Should I stop dressing this well at school?


Which hat should I get next?


I’d prefer


Would you rather...


Just Pick One


What color gloves should I get?


Does size matter?


Warum ich zu du?